Install ZFTool for ZF2 Framework Project

  1. Download the ZFTool
  2. Extract it into "vendor/ZFTool" folder
  3. Now run the command "php vendor/ZFTool/zf.php"
  4. Above command will list the help for ZFTool
All the  command will be listed for using the ZFTool.
Some important ZFTools commands:
  1. zf.php modules : For listing the modules
  2. zf.php version : For getting the version of ZF2
  3. zf.php config list list all configuration options
  4. zf.php config get <name> display a single config value, i.e. "config get"
  5. zf.php config set <name> <value> set a single config value (use only to change scalar values)
  6. zf.php create project <path> create a skeleton application
  7. zf.php create module <name> [<path>] create a module
  8. zf.php create controller <name> <module> [<path>] create a controller in module
  9. zf.php create action <name> <controllerName> <module> [<path>] create an action in a controller
  10. zf.php classmap generate <directory> <classmap file> [--append|-a] [--overwrite|-w]
  11. zf.php install zf <path> [<version>]
Note : For running the above commands fire it from root project directory of ZF "php vendor/ZFTool/zf.php"