Website Performance Testing

1). Check the Network Latency by traceroute command
2). Check the robot.txt using the site
3). Apache Bech for testing the performace of Apache Server :
ab -kc 10 -t30 URL/
The above command tells Apache Bench to Make 10,000 connections, use the HTTP "keep alive" feature of Apache, and wait for a maximum of 30 seconds for a response from the server. The output contains various figures.
4). Check the Memory Usage : fire the "top" command to check the memory usage
5). Move the extra services, mail servers such as "postfix" on the different server to speed up the performance. 
6). Use ps-aux | sort -u and netstat -anp | sort -u to check the processes and their resources consuptions. 
7). Remove the unused module from the server. 
8). Configure apache for Optimum Performance